It’s All About the Chances You Take

“It’s all about the chances you take,” sings Krista Hoose in her song “Nashville”. Born and raised in the Heart of Hoosier Land, Krista has been singing and playing guitar since the age of 6. “I wanted to be just like the Judds. I also loved to write stories as a kid. I think my parents recognized that creative side and thought the guitar could be my thing.” At a young age, she was able to get a taste of performing at several local festivals and talent contests. Her older brother, a recording engineer and prominent drummer, taught her everything she knows about percussion. “I learned everything, whether I liked it or not, from watching him. Everything from marching band, concert percussion, to drum set, he was just so talented. I wanted to do what he did. We bonded the most through music, even to this day we still discuss music often and swap records. Once I had developed skills on the electric guitar, he would jam with me. Those are some of my favorite childhood moments. That is where I developed a deep appreciation for a groove in a song.” 

Once in college, music unfortunately went on the back burner. “I never realized how much I missed my guitar and the creativity surrounding it. I remember coming home on Friday nights and blasting the radio in my room, jamming out to whatever came on the different stations. The few years after college, I don’t think I touched my guitar much at all. I realize now that there was definitely a void.” Not anymore. In August 2017, Krista joined Ben Spangler to form the duo Highway 13. Ben, a childhood friend, singer-songwriter, guitarist, and pianist, brought a whole new element to music. “It was working with Ben that I learned to harmonize. Ben made me a better vocalist, and he sparked a desire to develop skills on the piano.” The duo even auditioned for NBC’s “The Voice”. “That was a fun time. We were so used to playing instruments, we had no idea what to do with our hands. It was a great experience.” Due to scheduling constraints, Highway 13 opted for a hiatus in the fall of 2018. “Ben is a creator. He writes songs with passion. After working with him, I wanted to do that, too.” Playing with Ben opened up the flood gates. 

“I started playing a lot of open mic nights and solo gigs. I realized how much I missed music. On the way to work, I would think about different arrangements and ideas. I legitimately missed my guitar.” Krista was then approached to join the Sonsee Cloud Band as rhythm guitarist. “The moment I met Randy Martin and Sonsee Cloud, my life changed.” Randy, a singer-songwriter and guitar mastermind, instilled the value of understanding the guitar on a deeper level and encouraged quality song-writing. “I look up to Randy and Sonsee. I learn something from Randy just about every time we talk or I watch him play and sing. Then there’s Sonsee. She’s got this powerful, passionate voice and a natural country twang. She’s introduced me to a lot of music that I didn’t know I needed in my life. They are both such great people, too, with integrity and compassion. I almost never wrote songs before I met them, and I never dreamed of playing my songs for other people.” When not playing with the full band, Krista also performs solo covers and originals and plays in the Sonsee Cloud Unplugged trio. She has also set in as drummer for several local musicians and loves a good improv jam session. 

You only get one life. You can either choose to follow your passion, or you will regret all of the chances you didn’t take. There is no better time than the present. With much gratitude for the support of Krista’s loving husband, it’s time to take chances. “Writing songs, playing different instruments, performing solo and with other people, that’s what refills my cup. Music has touched my soul, and I only hope to pass that on and inspire or evoke emotion in others.”

Set List

Just like technology, Krista's setlist is constantly changing!  She believes that genres blur; music is what sounds good to listener, no matter the classification.  From the popular standards to the deep tracks to requests on-the-spot, she plays it all and is known to add a few of her own songs into the mix.  If you would like a copy of her song list, please send a booking inquiry below or a private message via the link at www.facebook.com/kristahoosemusic.    




Grandpa's Filling Station

I wish time stood still like it did back then,

when people waited their turn,

lined up at Grandpa’s filling station                                         

in trucks with bench seats and ginormous steering wheels

for a gallon of gas that was only around twenty cents,

at the post office to mail a letter

written in cursive with a fountain pen,

or to place a call on a telephone,

back when the operator was your second best friend,

and you could sometimes overhear your neighbor

in mid-conversation with her sister Clara again.


I wish there were fewer distractions,

no cell phones and tablets

for immediate satisfaction,

and the book in your hands

was purchased in a five-and-dime transaction.

Honestly, don't we have better things to do

than to figure out another newfangled contraption?

Remember back then,

when the number one rule

was to treat others with compassion,

when prayer in public schools

was not such a far-out abstraction,

when kids were taught right from wrong,

facing actual punishment for an infraction?


I wish kids played outside,

on bikes and roller-skates,

losing track of time,

getting dirt on their hands and knees,

scattering at the sound of the dinner bell chime.

back then, neighbors became family,

tightly-knit, with no one left behind.

There were fish to catch,

lofty trees to climb,

and front porches with rocking chairs

perfect for Sunday afternoons to unwind.


Oh yes,

back then was a different time,

one that I will always keep nestled

somewhere in the depths of my mind

as a constant reminder

to always be honest, patient, and kind.

Because back then,

from the stories I’ve been told,

that’s exactly what you would find.


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